Built-In Savings Guaranty LogoMaking the HERS® Score More than Theoretical

The HERS index gives you a measurable and marketable number to contrast your home against other homes on the market, especially older homes. The Built-In Savings Guaranty® from the EPX Guaranty Company puts this number into action, providing the buyer with a tangible sense of value in the score.  Want to learn more about HERS scores? Visit our HERS overview page.

All excess energy related costs are covered for two years by the Built-In Savings Guaranty.  Heating, cooling, electric… the whole package.

Terms & Conditions for EPX Guaranty Company’s Built-In Savings Guaranty

Duration of Contract:

A home receiving the EnergyProfessional Exchange Guaranty Company’s (EPXGCo) Built-In Savings Guaranty (BSG) will have a guaranteed maximum energy bill for a period of two years from the first full month of occupancy. The BSG applies to the home and original owners and is non-transferable.

Total Bill Guaranty:

EPXGCo guarantees that if the total annual energy cost exceeds the annual estimate listed on the Guaranty Certificate, EPXGCo will pay the homeowner the difference between the projected and actual bill.

Energy Cost Predictions:

EPXGCo uses industry standard energy rating tools to predict energy use for new homes. These tools use weather data from a typical weather year to calculate energy loads, consumption and costs. A home’s total energy use is comprised of all the energy used within the home. This is often a combination of electricity (kilowatt hours or kWh) and natural gas heating (Therms), but can be many other types of fuel. The rating tools are able to calculate usage from any power source. For purposes of the Guaranty, EPXGCo will use the total predicted cost for determining claims.

The total estimated cost on the home’s Guaranty Certificate is 110% of the predicted energy cost on the Home Energy Rating Certificate to account for occupancy and lifestyle variances.

Claim Process & Validation:

If a homeowner thinks their home’s energy costs have exceeded the amount estimated on your Guaranty Certificate, they should first use the online calculator to determine the amount of the potential claim. If the calculator shows excess costs, they may submit your claim using the online clam submission form.  After receiving the initial claim, a Built-In Savings Guaranty representative will contact the homeowner to request copies of their monthly energy billing information.  Failure to submit all bills from the claim period will potentially void the claim.

Claims are calculated using 12 consecutive months of data and subsequent claims may not include any months previously used for claim purposes.  All claims must be submitted by the homeowner no later than 90 days after the end of the coverage period.  Homeowners should submit potential claims as soon as they have at least 12 months’ worth of energy bills in order to take maximum advantage of the coverage period.

When validating a claim, EPXGCo may adjust amounts to account for energy used by pools or hot tubs, which are not included in the Home Energy Rating Certificate.

Energy Efficient Suggestions for Homeowners:

Homeowners are encouraged to take an active role in managing the climate and energy use of their home. A great first step is purchasing an energy efficient home – but the habits while in that home need to be reasonable too. The following general guidelines will help maintain reasonable energy use for your home:

Winter months:

– Keep the temperature settings on your thermostat at no more than 72 degrees (70 is recommended);

– Lower this during sleeping hours to no more than 65 degrees using a programmable set back thermostat;

– Keep exterior doors closed when operating the heating system;

– Open shades during the day to take advantage of natural sunlight heating; and

– Wear seasonally appropriate clothes.

Summer months:

– Keep temperature settings on your thermostat at no less than 75 degrees;

– Keep exterior doors/windows closed when operating the cooling system;

– Close shades during the day, when practical, to block some of the natural sunlight heating that will cause temperatures to rise; and

– Wear seasonally appropriate clothes.

Limitation of Liability:

This Guaranty is strictly for energy use and does not cover any other claims arising from the homeowner for any sort of damage to their home due to vandalism, accidents, fire, flood, wind, hail, natural disasters, or other acts of God. It also does not cover claims resulting from material deficiencies in the actual construction of the home. EPXGCo shall not be responsible for any incidental costs (including attorney’s fees) incurred to process a claim. EPXGCo is responsible only for excess energy costs resulting from energy use above the predicted amounts.

The BSG guarantees the home energy costs as modeled as of the date of this certificate.  Energy modeling is based upon standard features and options for the community represented in the builder’s plan documents provided for the purpose of energy modeling.   EPXGCo reserves the right to use standard calculations to add, remove or adjust the energy cost of items added after this certificate was issued or which are not represented in the plan documents used for the energy modeling for the guarantee calculations.

This Guaranty specifically does not cover the costs associated with the use of pools, hot tubs, or electric cars.  Estimated annual costs for these items may be obtained from the manufacturer and should be considered before submitting any claim.  EPXGCo shall remove the costs for these items using measuring or standard values when calculating a claim.

The following conditions will invalidate the Guaranty:

– The house has any major modifications (including adding a whole house fan, adding additional rooms, etc.) during the Guaranty period;

– The HVAC equipment or water heating system is changed after the Guaranty is issued; In this case, EPXGCo reserves the right to recalculate the usage estimates based on the changes made.

– The installed HVAC equipment is found to be malfunctioning during the Guaranty time frame; or

– The home is used for non-residential use such as running a commercial or small business.

The maximum amount of any single year’s validated claim payment is capped at the estimated energy cost on the certificate – that is, if the annual estimated energy cost is $1,500, no single payment will exceed $1,500 regardless of actual energy cost.

Handling Disputes:

Any dispute arising from this Guaranty shall be governed by the laws of Colorado without regard to choice of law considerations.