What does the Built-In Savings Guaranty® (BSG) cover? 

The BSG takes into account all of the home’s energy use.  It guarantees that if the home’s annual energy costs exceed the estimate listed on Guaranty Certificate issued for the house, the EnergyPro Exchange Guaranty Co (EPXGCo) will pay homeowner the excess energy costs.

Does getting a Built-In Saving Guaranty add time to the construction process in any way?

No, if you are already having your home HERS® rated, adding the BSG will in no way prolong the building process.  The BSG uses the information already gathered during the HERS inspection process.

Who is responsible for reporting bill overages?

The homeowner is responsible for reporting bill overages by submitting a claim to the EPXGCo.  The homeowner should start the process by using the online calculator, to verify that their annual energy costs exceed the annual estimate. Once the homeowner has verified that there is a surplus, they may submit a claim.

Who handles communication with the homeowner regarding questions about the Guaranty?

The EPXGCo will handle all communication with the homeowner regarding questions and submitting claims.

Am I (the builder) liable in any way for overages?

No.  The builder purchases the Built-In Savings Guaranty in addition to the HERS rating.  Beyond purchasing the Guaranty, the builder has no financial obligation or risk.  Any and all payments for overages will be paid by the EPXGCo directly to the homeowner.

I don’t currently work with a EPX member.  Am I still able to purchase the Built-In Savings Guaranty?

No.  The BSG must be purchased in combination with a HERS Rating from an EPX member company.

Will this add another company that I have to work with, specifically the EPXGCo, in addition to my HERS rating company?

No.  The BSG is purchased directly from your HERS rater, keeping the process simple and time efficient.

Can I enroll a home if I have started construction?

Yes – As long as the home receives a HERS® Rating from a EPX member company.  The BSG is based upon the HERS Rating and can therefore only be offered for homes that have been rated.