The EPX Built-In Savings Guaranty® is exclusively sold by EPX member companies.

EPX members know the U.S. builder market. They understand the challenges builders face and they have the expertise, knowledge and experience required to address builders’ needs when it comes to building energy efficient homes. EPX members are able to claim an industry leadership role that no other organization can. Several members are accredited training providers of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and have participated in the development of national energy efficiency code standards – lending credibility and substance to EPX’s assertion that, as an organization, it not just meets but exceeds industry standards.

Built-In Savings Guaranty Vendor Locations
  1. Bluegill, Inc. – Contact
  2. Building Knowledge Canada, Inc. – Contact
  3. EnergyLogic, Inc. – Contact
  4. Green Zone Home – Contact
  5. SK Collaborative – Contact
  6. Southern Energy Management – Contact
  7. Sustainable Energy Analytics, LLC – Contact